LCSH is open year-round Monday-Friday from 6:30am-6:30pm, excluding some holidays.

Our tuition is for full-day programs only; LCSH does not offer a half-day program. While families may schedule shorter days, tuition is not prorated for use of a partial day. We occasionally have part-time (full-day) openings in some programs. Please contact the school regarding availability.

Tuition is charged per month, based on a 52 week year. Tuition is due in one month increments prior to the first of each month. (Example: March has 5 weeks, so five weeks of tuition for March would be due at the end of February). Upon enrolling at LCSH both first month tuition and a non-refundable last month tuition deposit are due.

Brookline and Needham Rates:

  • Infant full time: $575.00 per week

    • Infant part time: $125.00 per day

  • Toddler full time: $575.00 per week

    • Toddler part time: $125.00 per day

  • Preschool full time: $375.00 per week

    • Preschool part time: $TBD per day

  • Pre-K full time: $375.00 per week

    • Pre-K part time: $TBD per day

  • Sibling discount: a $25 per week credit for 1 child.

    • Not available for part time students.



Tuition is posted here for informational purposes, and may change.

Occasional additional fees (field trips, special events, Pizza Fridays!, etc.) may apply and are explained prior to enrollment.


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Open Year Round Monday - Friday
6:30am - 6:30pm (excluding some holidays)
We offer full and part-time programs

Contact Us: 617.244.1877